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Bulletproof Gear Manufacturer

Yuemai Outdoor has 20 years of professional experience in the production of bulletproof gear,

such as bulletproof helmets, bulletproof backpacks and bulletproof vests etc.

One-stop Bulletproof Gear Supplier

Yuemai has been a professional manufacturer of ballistic vests, helmets, shields, and other ballistic-related products for more than 20 years.

Our bulletproof gear is in accordance with the testing standards of the US (National Institute of Justice) NIJ.

Yuemai is your trusted bulletproof gear supplier in China, our bulletproof products are sold all over the country, and unanimous praise.

If you have bulletproof purchasing needs, please contact us.

Bulletproof Vest Style

The most common three types of protection area for bulletproof vests: vest type (0.27㎡/0.32㎡), and fully protected type (with jockstrap 0.60㎡ ).
Bulletproof material is divided into PE fabric and aramid fabric (also known as Kevlar).
Most bulletproof vests can be used with bulletproof plates.

bulletproof vest

This is a concealed bulletproof shirt, bulletproof level is NIJ IIIA, can not be inserted bulletproof ceramic plate.Very lightweight and easy to hide.

bulletproof vest2

Waist and shoulder size can be adjusted, bulletproof soft plate embedded, and bulletproof hard plate inserted before and after the exterior

bulletproof vest1

Fully protective body armor is not limited to the chest and back, but also extends to the neck, shoulders, abdomen and even thighs, ensuring protection of key parts of the body.

bulletproof plate

Ballistic plate material has a variety of options: AL2O3+PE, SIC+PE, PE. The bulletproof level is generally :NIJ IIIA NIJ III NIJ IV. It can be used with bulletproof vests, bulletproof backpacks, etc.

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Ballistic Helmet Style

The main bulletproof helmets produced by Yuemai Outdoor manufacturers are :PASGT, MICH and FAST, and these three bulletproof helmets have their own special structural characteristics and functions. Therefore, when choosing a bulletproof helmet, we should make a reasonable choice according to our actual needs. The bulletproof standard of the bulletproof helmet is NIJ 0106.01, and the bulletproof rating is level IIIA.


  • fast helmet

    FAST bulletproof helmet is the abbreviation of Future Assault Shell Technology. The front end of the helmet is a night vision goggle bracket base. The guide rails on both sides can be used to install tactical lighting equipment etc. The helmet surface can be pasted with troop numbers, etc., and the knob can adjust the headband.

  • mich 2000 helmet
    Mich2000 Ballistic Helmet

    This MICH2000 bulletproof helmet is based on the ordinary MICH helmet and is equipped with rails, dried cuttlefish base and other accessories, and can be equipped with night vision goggles, flashlights and other equipment.

  • mich helmet
    Mich Ballistic Helmet

    MICH bulletproof helmet is the abbreviation of Moduler Integrated Communications Helmet. The most important feature of MICH is that it can install duplex communication modules under the ear protection, replacing the previous bulky headset system.

  • PASGT helmet
    PASGT Ballistic Helmet

    The PASGT bulletproof helmet is the abbreviation of Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops. It adds ear protection and protrudes outward to fully install a communication headset. It is designed with a small brim on the front edge.

Other Bulletproof Gear

  • bulletproof vest backpack

    When being attacked by a gun, this bulletproof backpack can quickly squat down, lower the head, and be used as a handheld shield. It can also be transformed from a backpack into a bulletproof vest in a short time.

  • bulletproof mask

    This bulletproof mask is available in full-face and half-face styles. It is made of aramid or PE. The bulletproof level is NIJ IIIA. It can be used with the FAST bulletproof helmet or alone.

  • ballistic visor

    The protection level of this bulletproof visor is NIJ IIIA. The material is high molecular weight polyethylene and can be adapted to the bulletproof helmet to increase the protection capability.

  • Hand Ballistic Shield

    Handheld bulletproof shields are made of steel and PE materials. They are available in a variety of styles and grades. All our bulletproof products can provide quality inspection reports.

Trusted Bulletproof Gear Factory in China

20+Years Experience

More than 20 years of experience in bulletproof gear manufacturing

Test Report

Our bulletproof vests, bulletproof helmets, bulletproof plates, bulletproof masks, etc. can provide test reports

Preferential price
Competitive Price

Providing high-quality and competitive bulletproof gear is our advantage

Support Customization

Yuemai supports OEM/ODM customization, you can provide design drafts or samples to meet all your ideas.

Our Bulletproof Gear Advantage

Yuemai Outdoor is a leading one-stop manufacturer of military body armor, ballistic helmets and other bulletproof gear.

With more than 20 years of professional experience in the bulletproof field, all our bulletproof products have undergone rigorous testing to ensure compliance with the standards set by NIJ (National Institute of Justice) and support OEM/ODM.

Bulletproof Manufacturer
ballistic material

Difference Between Bulletproof Materials

Bulletproof gear materials are divided into UHMW-PE and aramid (also known as Kevlar).

PE material is white, with light weight, aging resistance, UV resistance, low temperature resistance and other characteristics, the relative price is more favorable.

Aramid material is yellow, with high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high strength advantages, but the price is about 30% to 50% higher than PE. You can select a suitable bulletproof material based on the actual application scenario.

Bulletproof Gear Test Report

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authentication certificate13
PE bulletproof material manufacturer
Superior Bulletproof Gear Solutions

Yuemai is a professional manufacturer of high quality bulletproof gear for militaries and governments around the world

  • The vest fits well and has quality stitching and materials, it holds the Level IV ceramic plates well. The quality and service are top notch, we highly recommend yuemai suppliers.

    United States,Alfie Bates
  • We are very happy with the quality of the product and the quick turn around time. Our bulletproof vest out perfect. We would highly recommend ordering with Yuemai Outdoor And Camping Co., Ltd.

    United States,Maverick Wright
  • This is a professional and high-quality enterprise, both in products and in service. The quality of the people who work in the factory shows professionalism in production and the importance of providing service to customers. I certainly recommend working with them and wish myself to work with them many more in the future.

    United Kingdom,David Wil
  • I received the product as agreed with the supplier who was very fast on processing my order hope you can continue with same service.

    Chile,Jorgeluis Huamanyalle
What types of bulletproof gear can I buy from you?

We Yuemai mainly produce body armor, bulletproof helmets, bulletproof backpacks, bulletproof shields ,bulletproof masks and other bulletproof gear.

Are you a Chinese manufacturer?

Yes, Yuemai Outdoor And Camping Co., Ltd. Is a professional one-stop bulletproof gear manufacturer.

Do you have a test report on the bulletproof gear?

Yes, all of our bulletproof equipment has NIJ(National Office of Justice) test reports

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