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Ballistic Helmet Manufacturer

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Customized Ballistic Helmet

The performance of the ballistic helmet, bulletproof vest, and bulletproof plate produced by Yuemai has passed the authoritative certification of the National Institute of Justice.

We can according to your requirements wholesale customization, there is a variety of specifications and materials to choose from.

If you need a wholesale custom ballistic helmet, please choose us as your supplier.

Ballistic Helmet Style

fast ballistic helmet
Fast ballistic helmets are molded in one go, with a frosted surface and polyurea spray molding process, which can isolate air and prevent aging. The dried cuttlefish base and guide rail design can be used to install night vision devices, headphones, flashlights and other equipment. Built-in sponge padding for anti-collision, adjustable head circumference.
mich ballistic helmet
The MICH ballistic helmet, unlike the PASGT helmet, does away with the brim, the rope suspension system, the four-point fixing system and the cushioned sponge cushion, which is held in place with Velcro. The surface is still matte matte with the highest protection level NIJ IIIA. Accessories such as rail can be added to the side.
mich2000 ballistic helmet
High performance NIJ IIIA MICH2000 ballistic helmet can choose PE or aramid material, army green, khaki, black can choose, support OEM/ODM. In addition to the regular MICH helmet added dried cuttlefish, double rail and Velcro. The inside of the helmet has EVA cushion cushion (removable), which can effectively cushion the impact.
The Pasgt ballistic helmet is a classic style with a four-point suspension system, which is more stable and does not shake. The surface of the helmet is treated with matte matte scrub, which is very hidden. The bulletproof area is 0.14 square meters, suitable for people with a head circumference of 52~64CM, and the weight is about 1.2KG. Supports custom specifications.
Wendy Suspension Ballistic Helmet
Adopting a new Wendy suspension system, the knob can quickly adjust the head circumference, high-cushion and anti-shock EVA memory foam, and leather chin rest increase wearing comfort and impact resistance. Compared with the ordinary FAST ballistic helmet, the Velcro and cuttlefish base on the surface of the helmet have been upgraded in style.
Wendy Ballistic Helmet
Wendy ballistic helmet has a unique angular design on the front, rear, left and right, which increases the probability of bullets ricocheting and enhances the protective performance. The protection level is NIJ IIIA, equipped with Wendy suspension and built-in double-layer cushioning sponge pad, which is the most comfortable lining among all helmet types.

Ballistic Visor & Ballistic Mask (4)

  • Ballistic Visor for FAST Helmet

    This ballistic visor can be quickly installed on the helmet rail, using PC+PU material, The bulletproof area: is 0.05㎡, the weight: is 1.45±0.05KG, bulletproof level is NIJ IIIA.Strong impact resistance, light weight.

  • Ballistic Visor for MICH Helmet

    The ballistic visor is composed of a transparent panel (PC+PU material) and a chain device, which is mainly used to withstand the impact of bullets but does not affect the performance of light transmission.

  • Half face Ballistic mask

    This half-face ballistic mask can be used with a ballistic helmet or alone. Weighing 0.52KG, made of PE fabric, with NIJ IIIA level, strong impact resistance, five-point adjustable elastic band, and EVA lining.

  • Full face Ballistic mask

    The use of ultra-high molecular polyethylene fabric makes the mask lighter. The fully ballistic mask can resist pistols, knives, and other weapons. It has an NIJ IIIA bulletproof level, is fixed with elastic bands, and has a cushioning sponge pad inside.

ballistic helmet1
Production process

Ballistic Helmet Production Process

  • PE/ Aramid fabric production
  • Cut fabric
  • Press molding
  • Polish
  • Surface treatment
  • Accessories install
  • QC
  • Packing

Ballistic Helmet Test Report

20 years of focus on researching high-performance ballistic helmets to provide you with the highest level of protection. All styles and materials of ballistic helmets made by Yuemai can be provided with test reports from the National Institute of Justice, and the quality is guaranteed.

Test Report

One-stop Ballistic Helmet Supplier

  • 20 years of professional experience
  • Quality authentication
  • Support wholesale customization
  • Mill price
  • Timely delivery
The highest level of protection for a ballistic helmet?

Highest bulletproof level: NIJ IIIA

What material can a ballistic helmet be made of?

PE, Aramid (Kevlar)

Can I customize camouflage and other styles?

Yes, we can, but there is a MOQ, you can contact us for the latest news.

How long can a ballistic helmet last?

If you use it normally, you can use it for 5 years.

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