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Ballistic Shield supplier

Ballistic Shield Manufacturer in China

20+years of professional ballistic shield production experience, quality certification, support mass customization

Ballistic Shield Style

Made of high-quality bulletproof steel or PE material, the protection level can be divided into NIJ IIIA, NIJ III, NIJ IV, mainly divided into handheld ballistic shield and hand-held pushcart ballistic shield

Ballistic Shield with wheels

PE + bulletproof ceramic production, bulletproof grade can reach: NIJ IIIA, NIJ III, NIJ IV, and can be selected according to your needs. Roller attached, flexible, and easy to move.

Ballistic shield with window
Ballistic Shield with Window

It is made of steel, reinforced and thickened, with a window for easy observation of external conditions, non-slip handle design, size 460*800MM, thickness 2.5MM, weight about 8.7KG.

NIJ IIIA Butterfly type ballistic shield
NIJ IIIA Butterfly Type Ballistic Shield

This is a NIJ IIIA folding bulletproof shield, is a combination of bulletproof, gun stock support in one shield, a protection area of 0.53 square meters, about 6KG, the use of PE bulletproof material.

Handheld ballistic shield
Handheld Conventional Ballistic Shield

The size of the bulletproof shield is 90*48cm, the protection area is 0.45 square meters, the weight is about 5.5KG, and the handle is made of PC rubber. Supports custom LOGO.

Portable bulletproof shield
Portable Ballistic Shield

New style bulletproof shield, made of PE material, bulletproof grade can be customized according to your needs, non-slip handle, weight of about 5.3KG.

Steel ballistic shield
Steel Ballistic Shield

The size is 120*60CM, the weight is 42.5KG, the thickness is 5.1MM, with a visible window, good perspective performance, with a roller, easy to move.

NIj IIIA Ballistic Shield
NIj IIIA Ballistic Shield

The unique Bat hand ballistic shield, manufactured by PE, has a bulletproof rating of NIJ IIIA, a thickness of 7MM, a weight of 3.5 kg, and a bulletproof area of 0.4㎡.

Small Ballistic Shield
Small Ballistic Shield

PE material, bulletproof grade can be customized, lightweight and easy to carry, weight less than 3KG, size 50*60CM. You can customize the LOGO.

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Our Advantages

  • More than 20 years of professional bulletproof equipment development, research, production, sales
  • Provide test report
  • Support sample delivery
  • Support Customized
  • Sufficient supply
  • Competitive price
  • Fast delivery
  • After-sales guarantee
Customized Ballistic Shield supplier
Ballistic Shield
The Leading Supplier of Ballistic Shields in China.

ISO certification, National Institute of Justice test report, quality assurance

Can the ballistic shield be customized LOGO?

Yes, we support customized.

What material options are available for ballistic shields?

PE, aramid, steel

Are you a bulletproof manufacturer?

Yes, we are a manufacturer with 20+ years of experience.

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