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bulletproof backpack supplier
Bulletproof Backpack Manufacturer

20+ years of professional experience in bulletproof backpack manufacturing

Elevate your security with our bulletproof backpack systems

Reliable supplier of bulletproof backpacks, strict quality control, with authoritative testing reports

20+ Years of Professional Experience
Yuemai outdoor focus on research and development, production and sales of bulletproof equipment
300+ Technical Staff
Support customization, fast proofing, professional production, quality assurance, fast delivery
Test Report
All bulletproof equipment has been tested in strict accordance with National Institute of Justice standards
bulletproof supplier

Wholesale Custom Bulletproof Backpack

One-stop bulletproof backpack solution, support OEM/ODM

Why Choose Yuemai Bulletproof Backpack?

Professional research and development of bulletproof performance, carefully made bulletproof backpack, emergency time to maximize the protection of life safety

Professional Manufacture
Professional Manufacture
20+years of experience in bulletproof backpack manufacturing
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance
Test reports that comply with global standards in the bulletproof industry
Support Customization
Support Customization
Provide your design can be customized LOGO, style
Fast Sample Delivery
Fast Sample Delivery
500+ professional staff in the field of bulletproof
Factory Price
Factory Price
We have very competitive prices, on the same quality
High-grade Material
High-grade Material
The overall adoption is in line with industry standards, long service time

YUEMAI Bulletproof Backpack Supplier in China

The leading manufacturer in the field of military bulletproof backpacks

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