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bulletproof plate

Bulletproof Plate Manufacturer

Yuemai specializes in manufacturing bulletproof plate.

All bulletproof plate comply with the US NIJ 0101.06 standard.

Military Bulletproof Plate Supplier

As your trustworthy Chinese manufacturer, Yuemai has more than 20 years of experience in the development and production of bulletproof plates.

The common size is 25*30cm. According to the material, bulletproof plates are divided into three categories, steel bulletproof palate, polyethylene PE bulletproof plates, and ceramic bulletproof plates.

You can choose suitable materials according to different scene needs.

We have a very competitive price and a short delivery time, all products are through the testing agency testing, and quality is guaranteed.

Bulletproof Plate Material & Style Distinction

AL2O3 bulletproof plate

The highest bulletproof level of alumina bulletproof plates is NIJ IV, and it has the largest density, high wear resistance, and hardness, and the price is relatively favorable. If your budget is not sufficient, you can give priority to alumina bulletproof plates.

SIC bulletproof plate
SIC Bulletproof Plate

The bulletproof levels of silicon carbide bulletproof plates are divided into NIJ III ICW, NIJ IV ICW, NIJ III STA, and NIJ IV STA. They are lightweight, have strong impact resistance, and are convenient for movement, but are more expensive than alumina.

B4C bulletproof plate
B4C Bulletproof Plate

The boron carbide bulletproof plate is composed of boron carbide and PE. It has the lowest density, the highest hardness, and the best performance. It has characteristics that other bulletproof materials do not have, but it is the most expensive.

PE bulletproof plate
PE Bulletproof Plate

Polyethylene bulletproof plates generally weigh 1~1.5KG, which is much lighter than steel plates and ceramic plates. However, due to the limitations of the material, the highest bulletproof level of pure PE bulletproof plates is NIJ III, and the cost of PE is also very expensive.

steel bulletproof plate
Steel Bulletproof Plate

Bulletproof steel plates were the mainstream market for bulletproof plates many years ago. However, it is very heavy, consumes physical strength, and reduces the wearer’s flexibility, so it is gradually replaced by ceramic plates. Although the price of bulletproof steel plates is very cheap.

Full Cut Bulletproof Plate
Full Cut Bulletproof Plate

This is a fully cut bulletproof plate with a size of 25*30cm. It has a larger protective area and is heavier. However, this cut-shaped bullet-proof plate sometimes hinders certain movements, so you can choose different ones according to different scenarios bulletproof plate shape.

Polyurea coated bulletproof plate
Polyurea Coated Bulletproof Plate

As a new type of protective coating, polyurea has the advantages of fast curing speed, short surface forming time, strong waterproof, and anti-corrosion effect. It has been widely used in the field of bulletproof plates.

Side waist bulletproof plate
Side Waist Bulletproof Plate

You can customize any size, any material, and any logo bulletproof plate according to your needs. can be installed on the side waist of the bulletproof vest, providing more comprehensive protection for the side of the body.

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Bulletproof Plate Use

Bulletproof plates are generally used with bulletproof vests, tactical vests, and bulletproof backpacks to achieve better protection.

YUEMAI Bulletproof Plate Advantages

Quality Authentication
Quality Authentication
High Quality Materials
High Quality Materials
Multiple Specifications
Multiple Specifications
After-sale Guarantee
After-sale Guarantee

What are the levels of bulletproof plate?

Under normal circumstances, the most commonly used bulletproof plate level is NIJ III and NIJ IV, which is divided into ICW (need to be used with body armor) and SA (can be used alone to achieve protection level) two.

If you need other lower level bulletproof plate, we can also provide, And our bulletproof plate have the relevant test reports of the National Institute of Justice.

Bulletproof Plate Thickness
bulletproof plate factory
Professional Manufacturing Bulletproof Plate

More than 20 years of experience in bulletproof plate manufacturing

  • I have recently completed a project with this excellent supplier of bulletproof plate and have been extremely impressed with their product and service. As a practitioner in the security industry, it is crucial to find reliable suppliers. We look forward to our next cooperation with Yuemai.

    Mauricio Sandoval
  • Their customer service is top notch. From the initial inquiry to final delivery, every step was smooth and efficient. They were responsive, professional, and a breeze to deal with compared to some other vendors we’ve worked with in the past.

    Jonathan Tidboald
  • One of the highlights of working with yuemai is their attention to detail. They took the time to understand our specific needs and provided a custom solution that was a perfect fit.

    Peter Nieroba
Can I customize the logo on the bulletproof plate?

Yes, we support OEM/ODM.

What is the difference between ICW and STA in bulletproof plates?

ICW bulletproof plate is an abbreviation for in conjunction with the English language, which is usually unable to achieve the corresponding defense capability when used independently; it needs to be used in conjunction with Class NIJ IIIA body armor.

STA bulletproof plate is the abbreviation of English stand alone, does not need to be used together with body armor.

Do you have a catalog of bulletproof plate?

Yes, you can contact us for the latest catalogue.

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