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army uniform supplier

Custom Army Uniform Supplier

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Army Uniform Style

We are a professional manufacturer of army uniform, with 20+ years of experience, with very competitive prices, as well as high quality.

ACU army Uniform

This is a classic uniform, 65 polyester 35 cotton material, fabric weight 210-220G/sm. Comfortable, breathable, scratch-resistant and durable,sizes from S-2XL. Support custom size, color.

BDU army Uniform
BDU Army Uniform

65% polyester 35% cotton blend material, with multiple button flap pockets, classic stand collar design. Pants knee, crotch double thickening, pant leg drawstring design can be adjusted size.

728 army Uniform
728 Army Uniform

Polyester cotton material, weight 200g/sm. With tear-resistant, breathable, wear-resistant, comfortable, and other features. Large stock, a variety of colors to choose from.

M65 army Uniform
M65 Army Uniform

The M65 jacket is available in two materials, 65% polyester 35% cotton and 50% nylon 50% cotton, and can be used with the inner liner. Wind proof, oil proof, water proof, wear resistance.

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Why do you choose a Yuemai army uniform?

  1. 20+ years of experience in manufacturing army uniforms
  2. 500+ professional workers
  3. Monthly shipments of 50,000 pieces
  4. Delivery just-in-time
  5. Ex-factory price
  6. Quick custom sample
  7. Passed ISO9001 quality certification
  8. Guaranteed after-sale
army uniform manufacturer
army uniform
Army Uniform Manufacturer in China

Professional customization,Quality assurance,Off-the-shelf supply,Ex-factory price

Can logo be added to army uniforms?

Yes, we support customized.

Do you have it in stock?

Yes, most styles are available.

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