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Yuemai Outdoor is a manufacturer specializing in the customized production of camouflage nets, ghillie suits, and other related products. It specializes in processing 150D, 210D single-layer, and double-layer camouflage nets.

With more than 20 years of professional experience, it can customize any size, color, etc., and can add flame retardant, infrared protection, radar protection, and other functions to the camouflage net.

With an ISO:9001 management system certificate and a complete quality inspection department, it ensures the quality of all camouflage nets.

150D.210D Single Layer Camouflage Net

You can choose different materials of polyester according to the use of the scene, of course, the price will be different.

Multicam Rip Stop Double Camouflage Net
Multicam Rip Stop Double Camo Net

This is a combination of one layer of polyester and one layer of nylon rope net, fixed with ropes all around. More solid and durable.

Anti-radar Anti-infrared Camouflage Net
Anti-radar Anti-infrared Camo Net

This is a specially customized camo net that can effectively block radar detection and improve concealment.

300D Breathable Sunshade Camouflage Mesh
300D Sunshade Camouflage Mesh

Made of 300D mesh cloth, through the mesh can clearly see the outside, lightweight, portable, comfortable and breathable.

Woodland Hunting Camouflage Mesh
Woodland Hunting Camouflage Mesh

75D mesh fabric, has good wear resistance and scratch resistance is very suitable for outdoor use, a variety of colors can choose.

Single-layer Camouflage Mesh with Storage Bag
Single-layer Camo Net with Storage Bag

This is a 3*3M single layer camouflage net, you can customize other sizes. There are D-shaped metal rings at all four corners.

Polyester Snow Hunting Camo Net
Polyester Snow Hunting Camo Net

This camo net is very suitable for use in the snow, with ropes around, strong and durable, easy to fix, rip stop.

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Camo Net Support Rod Series

Use with camo net, a variety of styles, materials can be selected, and support personalized customization.

Camo Net Production Workshop

Camo Net Production Workshop1
Camo Net Production Workshop2

Yuemai is the source factory with a large amount of stock. It is made of selected high-quality polyester Oxford cloth and nylon rope, which is tear-resistant, sun-proof, non-fading, mildew-proof, silent, and waterproof.

And it can be easily cut and connected using rolled strips to the size you need.

Camo Net Application Scenario

Bird watching photography
Bird Watching Photography

These camo net can help you blend into the environment and shoot and observe animals at a close distance.

Military Outdoor Camouflage
Military Outdoor Camouflage

It can also be used to hide vehicles, houses, tents, troops, etc. to prevent aerial photography.

Outdoor Shade
Outdoor Shade

You can also choose to use it for sun protection, such as outdoor sunshae in garden awnings, beaches, hunting grounds, camping, etc.

Outdoor Hunting Camouflage
Outdoor Hunting Camouflage

The camo net of Bionic Tree Camouflage can be used as camouflage for hunting, which will help you not to be found when hunting, and our camouflage is silent and eliminates shine. You can use your imagination to put the camo net for anywhere.


  • Very good service and help, I have received my goods, the quality is great, I have tested the camouflage net is rip stop and does not make noise, I will make my next order.

    George Leader,UK
  • Camo net arrived on time, the packaging was in good condition, and the quality met my requirements. Overall, I am very satisfied with this purchase.

    Mirzoulugbek Rahmanov,Uzbekstad
  • Seller is very professional and recommended a suitable camouflage net to me according to my needs. very good,delivery will be quick.

    ArmanyFelix OlakibaOnia,Congo

Other Camouflage Products

One-stop Camo Net Solution

Set R & D, production, quality inspection, sales as one of the camouflage net manufacturers, specializing in the production of outdoor hunting and other products.

Can you provide with the latest catalog of camo nets?

Yes, you can contact us.

Does the camo net make a rustling sound?

No, our camouflage nets are silent.

Can you customize anti-infrared, anti-radar, flame retardant camo net?

Yes, we can customize it.

Can you provide samples of camo nets?

Yes, we will provide you with samples to check the quality before production.

Can we visit the camo net factory?

of course.

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