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Police Riot Equipment supplier

Police Riot Equipment Supplier

One-stop Riot Equipment Solution/Support OEM&ODM

What is Riot Equipment?

Police riot equipment is mainly used to quickly calm down riots, resolve dangerous emergencies, and ensure the personal safety of police or law enforcement personnel.

Mainly includes anti-riot clothing, anti-riot helmets, anti-riot shields, batons, tear gas sprays, etc.

Riot suit
Riot Suit
riot shield
Riot Shield
Riot baton
Expandable Baton
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Trusted Riot Equipment

Yuemai Outdoor is a manufacturer with 20+ years of professional development, production, customization, and sales of riot gear.

With advanced equipment, monthly production of 50000pcs, large output, products are strictly tested, and fast delivery.

Riot gear sells well in many countries, gets a large number of customers to re-purchase and praise, and we have many successful bidding experiences.

Police Riot Equipment supplier2
Police Riot Equipment supplier1

Our Riot Equipment Advantage

  • Years of production experience
  • Support customized
  • Complete in specifications
  • Competitive price
  • Offer sample
  • Test report
  • Dispatch goods on time
  • After-sale protection
Police Riot Equipment
Professional Custom Wholesale Riot Equipment

More than 20 years of professional development, research and sales of riot equipment experience.

  • I have purchased a large number of riot gear for my security company. I am satisfied with the quality and price. I highly recommend it.

    Andrey Petrov,Russia
  • The communication with the manufacturer was excellent and solved almost all my problems. The product is of good quality, as described. I will buy in bulk again.

    Stephen Mwangi,Kenya
  • This is my third order and I highly recommend this company, the sales staff are very professional and patient.

    Stephen Mwangi ,US

Quality Certified Manufacturer of Riot Equipment

We have passed SGS international standard factory inspection, equipped with ISO9001 certification. We can provide you with relevant test reports.

Can you provide a catalogue of police riot equipment?

Yes, you can send an inquiry to get the latest catalog.

Are you a riot equipment manufacturer?

Yes, we are a manufacturer.

What are the riot equipment?

Mainly riot shields, stab-proof clothing, riot helmets, stab-proof gloves, batons, tear gas and so on

Riot equipment Can I customize the LOGO?

Yes, we support OEM&ODM.

May I visit the riot equipment factory?

Yes, we can provide that.

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