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poncho liner

Professional Customized Woobie Blanket

With more than 20 years of professional experience, one-stop solution

What is Woobie Blanket ?

Woobie blanket is also called poncho liner. It is mainly made of 210T polyester or nylon fabric. The regular size is 150*210CM and the weight is about 800G.

The styles are divided into whether to carry pillows and whether to have zippers. The main features are water-repellent, rip-stop, warm and wear-resistant, light, and easy to carry.

The Woobie blanket has braided ropes on the corners and can be used as a temporary sleeping bag, or tent, or worn inside a raincoat to keep warm.

Very suitable for wilderness survival, emergency rescue, hunting, and other activities.

Multicam Woobie Blanket

This Woobie blanket is the simplest style, with no zipper, using 210T nylon fabric, water resistant, easy to carry with a storage bag.

poncho liner with pillow
Poncho Liner with Pillow

The Woobie blanket can be used with a poncho and has zippers on the sides to act as a makeshift sleeping bag.

Fleece Woobie Blanket
Fleece Woobie Blanket

This woobie blanket has a polar fleece fabric on one side, which is very warm, soft, and comfortable, and comes in a variety of colors.

US flag woobie blanket
Flag Woobie Blanket

This is a custom-made woobie blanket with a flag, if you have other designs, we can implement them.

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Our Woobie Blanket Advantage

We are a Woobie hoodie manufacturer in China, supporting the supply of samples and custom logos, styles, etc., and have more than 20 years of professional experience.

We can provide the best ex-factory price and high-quality products.

We have 500+ experienced workers who can guarantee the speed and quality of delivery.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any needs.

waterproof woobie blanket

Quilting Style Selection

Conventional quilting
Honeycomb quilting

About the way of quilting, we support customization, there are conventional quilting and honeycomb quilting, if you have a better design, please contact us for your customization.

How to Use Woobie Blanket

sleeping blanket
Sleeping Bag

When camping outdoors, you can fold the woobie blanket in half to use as a makeshift sleeping bag.

woobie hoodie for hammock

Woobie Blanket comes with braided rope around it that you can attach to your hammock for warmth.

woobie blanket with poncho
Woobie Blanket with Poncho

When hunting outdoors, you can choose this poncho liner, which can be used with a poncho to provide warmth.

Emergency warmth woobie blanket
Emergency Warmth Woobie Blanket

When outdoors in cold and bad weather, you can woobie blanket your body. It can bring you warmth and protect your body temperature.

woobie blanket supplier
Multifunctional Emergency Woobie Blanket


Color Style

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    US,Sara Westman
  • My customers are very satisfied with the quality of the woobie hoodie and blanket, the logo customization is very cool, I will order the next batch as soon as possible

    Canada,Ben Tamana
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Can I add a LOGO to Woobie blanket?

Yes, We can customize the logo.

Are you woobie blanket factory?

Yes, we can manufacture.

Do you have a woobie blanket catalog?

Yes, please contact us for the latest catalogue.

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